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Expert design with integrated task tracking auditing management reporting court data calendar alerts .

vCase is tailored primarily for Tort Law, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice, etc. though most of our features apply to all legal practices.
Case Management

Out-of-the-box granular details for all aspects of a case. No need to create forms, cards or custom fields. Easily navigate through case details, entities, damages, insurance, injuries, court, depositions, notes, dockets, events, settlement and more.

Workflow & vTasks

vTasks are an integral part of vCase. A robust decision engine allows these reminders and action items to be assigned manually or automatically to individuals and roles based on dates, triggers and parameters that you define. Flexible. Reliable. Accountable.

Intake & Referrals

Integrated intake with the ability to monitor the success of marketing campaigns. Track referrals to and from your firm including fees and payments. Use custom decision-driven prompts to screen and route intakes to the appropriate individual or team.

Remote Access

Securely access the entire system in the office or working remotely with no software to install. Compatible with mobile devices. View court data, assemble documents, send emails and faxes, request e-signatures encrypted and secure.


Schedules, Dates and Calendars

We know how important dates are and we built several features and controls to manage, notify and help ensure that you never miss a deadline.

Integrated with award-winning Docket Alarm

Track your cases and receive automatic docket updates for Federal, State and many County Courts through our partnership with Docket Alarm.

Statute of Limitations

vTasks, alerts, field-level security, auditing, roles and SOL reports help you to rely on the integrity of this field and warn in increments as Statute Dates approach.

Schedules by Case and Attorney

Appointments can be assigned to cases, attorneys and staff for anything from depositions and court appearances to client appointments. View, email or print the day's schedule for any category. View all past, present and future appointments, dates, vTasks and dockets for a case.


Document Assembly & Management

  • eSignature
  • eMail / eFax
  • Templates

By partnering with DocuSign we have seamlessly integrated industry-leading eSignature technology with vCase. Using DocuSign eSignature increases the reliability, integrity, availability and authenticity of records and signatures. DocuSign’s technology allows customers to electronically sign documents in full compliance with ESIGN, UETA and HIPAA. DocuSign is ISO 27001:2013 certified—the highest level of global information security assurance available today—and utilizes a robust architecture that delivers high availability and enables access on nearly any device from almost anywhere. All documents and data are encrypted in transit and at rest. Each DocuSign eSignature transaction includes a fully traceable, tamper-proof audit trail and exportable Certificate of Completion. Signed documents are retained in vCase, protected and available at all times.

As part of our commitment to enable law firms go paperless whenever possible and to increase efficiency, we have integrated a robust email and fax delivery system. Send emails with attachments and send / receive faxes directly from vCase. No hardware, software, fax machine or email server is required. You will never have to send a paper fax again. Each send / receive operation is logged in the event history so the entire firm can see when these communications have been sent. Automatic acknowledgement of receipt is logged as well.

  • Reliable Delivery
  • Automatic Event Logging & Audit Trail
  • vTask alert if delivery fails
  • Email replies come straight to your inbox
  • Faxes received on a network-enabled fax machine can be auto-uploaded to vCase
  • Scan or drop files into a network folder to auto-upload and attach to a case based on filename


vCase document templates enable you to easily generate preformatted letters, memos, agreements, notices and more. Add eSignature requests to any of these. Templates can be built using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and our token library. Choose from over 200 predefined tokens to drop into your document and let vCase populate those field values for you based on the case selected.

If there are multiple possible values for a field such as address or phone, you will prompted to choose the correct value. Save the document and it will automatically generate a PDF to easily email, fax or print. These PDF documents generated from templates can also be edited and resaved. No additional software is required.

Documents can be grouped together in packets, allowing you to generate multiple standardized documents, and even email them for digital signatures in a matter of seconds.



Canned and Ad Hoc

We combine the best of both worlds, offering preformatted, parameter-driven reports along with ad hoc queries to provide quick, easy access to various levels of information.

Another way that vCase stands out from our competitors is how we merge flexibility with ease of use. We do not require you to learn a programming language or a bloated, over-complicated framework. Our shared library of quick, ready-to-use reports is available from day one, and it is always growing.

Your ad hoc query requirements change often. vCase provides advanced search features to drill down to the details you desire. No programming or query building is required. You can simply specify one or many filters and submit. Unlike many query tools, vCase protects you from accidentally creating long-running queries and degrading performance. Our search engine is efficient and automatically uses predefined data access paths, preventing problems commonly caused by querying in some competitor applications.

  • Management Reports
  • Case Activity
  • Intake & Referrals
  • Scheduling
  • Pipeline
  • Damages
  • Settlement
  • Staff Activities

Other Key Features

  • Case Management
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Settlement
  • Infrastructure
  • Customization

Upon login, vCase presents your personalized vTasks, which are action items and reminders that have been assigned (automatically or manually by others), to you specifically or to a role in which you are a member. This automated daily planner keeps your team engaged and focused to complete the highest priority items first. Launch to the matter details from a vTask or via our advanced search utilities. Trigger vTasks automatically when certain criteria is specified.

Key Features
Unrivaled details empower staff to enter accurate data, track, report and analyze to make the best decisions for your firm and clients.
  • Unlimited case types, subtypes, categories and groupings
  • Incident, evidence, witnesses, vehicles
  • Insurance policies, claims, limits, medpay, medicare
  • Damages, bills, records, liens, discount calculator, wage loss calculator, auditing
  • Damage auditing and signoff restricted to role
  • Injuries, body parts, treatment types and history
  • Court, depositions, dates, chancery, probate
  • Conflict of interest search and data duplication avoidance
  • Track and assign hard & soft costs per case
  • Retrieve costs automatically from Quickbooks Online
  • View case event log, categorized notes and status of all past and future vTasks
  • Mobile app available for limited client access

Specialized data views

Many vCase views change dynamically based on case type and data. Special attention has been paid to the uniqueness of Workers' Compensation cases, and we have provided fields and tools that save time and ensure accuracy and completeness when filing, contesting and litigating Workers' Compensation claims.
Incident reporting

All incident details, hire information, repetitive trauma, other employment, reporting and treatment details, return to work and max medical improvement dates are available for quick reference.

Claim calculators and formulas

Our calculator takes the wage, frequency and dependents, cross references commission tables and calculates TTD Rate, PPD Rate and TTD Weeks, saving you time, headaches and ensuring accuracy.

Evaluation, tools and settlement calculators

Our settlement evaluator is a very powerful tool enabling attorneys to save multiple "what if?" scenarios, track demands and offers and summarize costs, fees and amounts.
Medical procurement and lien reduction

vCase enables you to group damages and split them between providers and facilities. It then automatically applies any discounts and allocates those number pro-rata. This has proven to be invaluable when negotiating lien reduction with medical providers and facilities on the client's behalf.

Summary and totals

For each evaluation scenario, vCase breaks down all firm and referral fees, accumulated costs, liens and damages, along with medpay received to summarize Net to Client and Net to Firm. Once offer is accepted, track checks received and disbursements.

Data security is a top priority

vCase is a RESTful service that resides entirely in the Microsoft Azure cloud. From the outset vCase was designed in accordance with Microsoft best practices utilizing Azure tools, regulations, monitoring and enforcement. Data is encrypted at rest and in motion. This addresses audit compliance requirements and mitigates threats like theft of or unauthorized access to data. We utilize a combination of key vaults, firewalls, policies, physical infrastructure security and operational controls.
Cloud Security
Scalable, reliable and highly available

vCase will auto-scale to ensure high performance and availability. If a catastrophe happens in or around a data center, vCase redundancy will take over and a new instance will be automatically made available in another part of the country or the world.

Full, differential and transactional backups occur automatically throughtout the day. Backups use geo-redundant storage to ensure that they are preserved even if the data center is unavailable.

In addition to infrastructure security, vCase also implements application, role-based and field-level security. This allows us to restrict access to fields or make them read-only based upon role membership and responsibility.


vCase administration functions allow you to create and maintain your own data categories, document templates, users and roles. Set up "decision trees" used by our decision engine to make intelligent, data-driven decisions on assigning vTasks, calculating dates and generating scripts for intake screening. If you prefer, we can provide all administration for you.
Decision Tree

Though we strive to meet all of your application requirements out of the box, we know there may be some tasks, data or features that are unique to your firm or your daily processes. Most small requests we will work with you to implement free of charge, especially if it will be beneficial to other clients. For larger project requests we will first review with you to make sure that there is not an existing function to achieve the results you desire. If not, then we will provide you with a cost at a reasonable rate and completion date.

Migrating from other applications

If your firm is already using a case management system or process and would like to migrate your existing data and documents for use with vCase, we can help with that. We have converted systems for clients who were using legacy, outdated applications from the 90's that had serious security concerns. As long as we can access the data, we can migrate it. We will meet with you online or in person to go over your current system and processes and design a customized plan to bring your data into vCase. There is no charge for this consultation, and regardless of how straightforward or complex the migration is, we will be fair, transparent and will do our best to keep the cost to a minimum. All systems are different. vCase uses an industry standard relational database and file storage structure, making it flexible to import data of all shapes and sizes.


Experience & Foresight

vCase was developed and is supported by Foresight Consulting, Inc., a software engineering firm based outside of Chicago with 30 years of experience. Since 1994 Foresight has been designing, implementing and supporting software applications for clients of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-national corporations. We design and plan for the future so that our systems not only support your success, but help you achieve it.

We designed our first Software As A Service (SAAS) application 19 years ago. We know what works best and what is most important for customers. vCase is a direct result and beneficiary of those years of experience. We are confident that our matter management solution is the best combination of value, features, functionality and efficiency.

We worked with attorneys, assistants, paralegals, medical professionals and intake specialists throughout the design of vCase. We wanted to make sure that each department, business function and process was incorporated into the workflow in the most effective manner. This ensures reliable, quick and easy access for all vCase users, regardless of title or responsibility. We built several features that are unique to our application that we know many attorneys and legal staff will appreciate. Most importantly, we focused on the law firm first. vCase was designed from the perspective of what is best for the firm. From day one we integrated checks, balances, auditing, reporting, reliability, data integrity, security and accountability. Gone are the days of not knowing the status of a case, wondering who didn't complete their task, or why did a court appointment go unnoticed. vCase will enforce your rules and workflow, which will in turn drive your success.

We stand behind all of our products and services, and we've been doing so for 30 years! That's an important number to us and it should be to you too. Experience, a proven track record, commitment. We are here for you, and we will continue to be.

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